Expert Insights

What You Need to Know about Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines

If you’re not clear about when you should get your first mammogram, how often you should have them, and when you can stop having them, you’re by no means alone. There has been plenty of recent media coverage about breast cancer screening guidelines from health organizations with conflicting recommendations. Last year, the American Cancer Society […]

What You Can Do to Reduce Your Risk of Colorectal Cancer

As women, when we think of cancer, breast cancer is usually what first comes to mind. However, colorectal cancer is also a leading type of cancer that is diagnosed in approximately 4.4% of women in the United States (source: American Cancer Society). While there is no surefire way to prevent colorectal cancer, there are a […]

Making Time for Healthy Eating

With Americans eating fewer than 70 percent of their meals at home (source: U.S.D.A.) and the current obesity epidemic, signs are definitely pointing to a need for a fundamental change in how we eat. Many experts, including Marissa Licata, MS, RD, CDN, nutritionist with the Katz Institute for Women’s Health, believe that bringing back the […]

Stay Healthy and In the Game

When you think of someone suffering an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury, you’re likely to envision a professional football player sidelined for the season. Yet, the reality is that female athletes of all ages injure their ACLs up to eight times more often than male athletes. Much of this has to do with the female […]

We’re Taking Your Care to Heart

You put your heart into all that you do whether it’s at work, at home or in your community. Yet, while you’re busy taking care of others, it’s easy to forget that you need care, too! At Northwell Health, we are focused on taking care of you. Our Women’s Heart Health Program gives you the […]

GO RED and Get Healthy

For many women, heart disease is considered to be primarily a “man’s” disease. Media attention on the disease is often focused on men. Yet, the reality is heart disease is the leading cause of death in women, with a woman dying from it approximately every 80 seconds in the United States.* With heart disease not […]

5 Ways to Embrace Happiness in 2016!

Good news! Happiness not only feels good, but it’s good for you! In the last decade, there has been significant research on the benefits of having a positive outlook on life. Through the collection of empirical data, psychologists and scientists have repeatedly found that optimistic, grateful individuals experience better mental and physical health, including lower […]