New Year, Time for a New Healthy Lifestyle

This year is quickly coming to a close, and as we prepare for the holidays, many of us are also starting to think about New Year’s resolutions. Surprisingly, only about eight percent of people who make New Year’s resolutions actually achieve them, according to Forbes. Along with wishing all of you a Happy Holiday season, we would like to offer some tips for easy to achieve and healthy actions for the New Year.

Start off the year by:

  • Knowing your family health history. We can learn a lot about our health risks by asking about our family’s health history. Did one of your grandmothers have breast cancer? Does your sister have high blood pressure? Just because one of your family members has a particular condition doesn’t mean that you will, but having this knowledge can alert you to areas you should pay special attention to in the future.
  • Learning preventative recommendations for your age group. Did you know that you should start colorectal cancer screening at 50 years old? Or that pap tests are recommended for women between 21 and 65 years old? Being up-to-date on the screening and preventative health recommendations for your specific age group can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle as you grow older.
  • Taking a health day for your check ups. Many of us say that we will schedule a check up with our physician, and then the weeks and months get away from us. Work, family and hobbies get in the way. To start this year, take a day off from all other obligations and schedule your appointments. It will not only feel good to get them all completed in one day, but you’ll gain valuable knowledge about your health that you can use to plan out the rest of your year.
  • Finding the right doctors for you. As you’re looking into scheduling your health day, evaluate if you have all of the doctors you need. If you’re experiencing a specific condition, like chronic headaches, ask your physician if you should see a specialist. This is also the time to evaluate if you are happy with your current doctors. If not, take the step to research a new physician who will meet your needs.
  • Taking a little time for yourself every day. Perhaps the simplest tip on this list, and the most difficult for many of us to achieve. In order to maintain balance in your life, it’s important to take some time for yourself each day. This can be just a few minutes of calm to listen to music, go for a run, meditate, or do whatever makes you happy.

Want to find out more about how to incorporate these actions into your lifestyle? Print out this post and bring it to your next doctor’s visit (during your health day!) or call 855-850-5494 to reach a women’s health specialist at the Katz Institute for Women’s Health.