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As a hub for community wellness and a convenient resource for health-related information, North Shore-LIJ offers a variety of comprehensive health education programs. We are committed to improving the health of everyone in our neighborhoods by offering a range of programs and events to help everyone in our communities live their healthiest lives.

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Do you have a women's health question that you'd like to ask a clinical expert? Please submit your question here and responses to selected questions will be posted on our site under Expert Insight. Visit the site regularly to see the latest health tips and answers to questions from you and all of our visitors.

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Find a Clinical Trial

Find research studies related to Women's Health issues that are currently being conducted. You might even want to participate in a study to potentially find ways to provide better future care for yourself or others.

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    It's American Heart Month, so check out our February events to help you maintain a heart-healthy lifestyle. There’s no better time than now to get the latest insights from our cardiac, nutrition and physical therapy experts. Events are scheduled at various Northwell Health locations.

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    You can save the life of a woman today

    Support medical research, awareness, education and community programs to help women live longer heart-healthy lives.

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    Nutrition Counseling Services

    The nutrition services offered by the Katz Institute of Women’s Health is part of an integrated approach to improving the health and wellness of women across their life span. We offer individualized (one-on-one) and group nutrition counseling services to support women in achieving optimal health and wellness.

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    Heart Healthy Living Program

    The Katz Institute for Women’s Health is now offering the Heart Healthy Living Program. Participate in this 8-week interactive program and gain the knowledge and support to live a heart-healthy lifestyle.

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We’re Taking Your Care to Heart

You put your heart into all that you do whether it’s at work, at home or in your community. Yet, while you’re busy taking care of others, it’s easy to forget that you need care, too! At Northwell Health, we are focused on taking care of you. Our Women’s Heart Health Program gives you the […]

GO RED and Get Healthy

For many women, heart disease is considered to be primarily a “man’s” disease. Media attention on the disease is often focused on men. Yet, the reality is heart disease is the leading cause of death in women, with a woman dying from it approximately every 80 seconds in the United States.* With heart disease not […]

Katz Health Tips, February 2016

1: Don’t Ignore Heart Palpitations
Does it sometimes feel like your heart is beating irregularly? In most cases, heart palpitations are not serious and can be a result of a variety of causes including anxiety, caffeine intake, exercise or fever. However, they can also indicate an arrhythmia (abnormal heart rhythm) due to heart disease, an abnormal heart valve or an electrolyte abnormality in your blood, such as a low potassium level. If you’ve recently experienced heart palpitations for the first time or if they are occurring with chest pain, a shortness of breath, unusual sweating, dizziness or lightheadedness, contact your doctor right away. Here are Five Steps to Protect Your Heart.

2: Choose the Right Footwear
Perhaps, the most important piece of equipment for exercising is your footwear. Those old sneakers that feel comfortable for walking around town may not offer the support you need during a workout. It’s wise to match the right type of shoe to the type of exercise you’re doing – whether that’s aerobics, running, tennis or basketball. Learn more tips for preventing exercise injuries.

3: Make a Heart Healthy Valentine’s Treat
On Valentine’s Day, many of us splurge with a luxurious box of chocolates or at least a rich, calorie-laden dessert. Yet, there are many heart-healthy alternatives that are just as tempting. Consider a perfect piece of fruit or a small piece of high quality dark chocolate instead. You’ll get all the sweetness without the extra calories and sugar. When it comes to sweet treats, quality is always better than quantity.