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As a hub for community wellness and a convenient resource for health-related information, North Shore-LIJ offers a variety of comprehensive health education programs. We are committed to improving the health of everyone in our neighborhoods by offering a range of programs and events to help everyone in our communities live their healthiest lives.

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Do you have a women's health question that you'd like to ask a clinical expert? Please submit your question here and responses to selected questions will be posted on our site under Expert Insight. Visit the site regularly to see the latest health tips and answers to questions from you and all of our visitors.

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Find research studies related to Women's Health issues that are currently being conducted. You might even want to participate in a study to potentially find ways to provide better future care for yourself or others.

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  • Nutrition Counseling Services

    The nutrition services offered by the Katz Institute of Women’s Health is part of an integrated approach to improving the health and wellness of women across their life span. We offer individualized (one-on-one) and group nutrition counseling services to support women in achieving optimal health and wellness.

  • You can save the life of a woman today

    Support medical research, awareness, education and community programs to help women live longer heart-healthy lives.

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  • Heart Healthy Living Program

    The Katz Institute for Women’s Health is now offering the Heart Healthy Living Program. Participate in this 8-week interactive program and gain the knowledge and support to live a heart-healthy lifestyle.

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Facts about Ovarian Cancer Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment

Every 23 minutes, a woman is diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and one in 75 will develop the disease in their lifetime (source: National Cancer Institute). While most women are aware of their breast cancer risk, fewer are aware of their risk of ovarian cancer or the subtle early symptoms of the disease which often can […]

The Latest in Cervical Cancer Screening and Prevention

In previous generations of women, cervical cancer was one of the most common causes of cancer death, but advancements in cervical cancer screening have dramatically changed this statistic. Over the last 40 years, the cervical cancer death rate has decreased by more than 50 percent (source: American Cancer Society). The primary reason for the change? […]

Reduce Your Risk of Developing Skin Cancer

Achieving that once enviable, sun-kissed glow of summer not only speeds up the development of skin discolorations and wrinkles, it also dramatically increases your chance of skin cancer. Today, we know that there is a clear link between sun exposure and skin cancer. Yet, many are surprised to learn their risk. More than 4 million […]

Katz Health Tips, September 2017

1: Stay Current with Immunizations
Vaccinations aren’t just for kids. They’re an important part of staying healthy for adults, too. Depending on your age, vaccinations to prevent pneumococcal disease, shingles, hepatitis B and other vaccine-preventable illnesses, may be recommended. The Tdap vaccine, which protects against tetanus, diphtheria and whooping cough, is highly encourage for adults who have close contact with infants and pregnant women. It’s important to discuss your immunization needs with your doctor during your annual visit and before traveling overseas. Learn other wellness insights.

2: Exercise in the AM
With kids, work and all the challenge of the daily routine, it can be difficult to make time for exercise. Yet, researchers have found that there are benefits to choosing the AM hours for your workout. From improving your productivity and boosting metabolism throughout the day to improving sleep at night, morning exercise can help you feel ready to take on the rest of your day. Check out these additional exercise ideas.

3: An Apple a Day…
With autumn nearly here, it’s time for crisp, fresh apples to once again make their appearance at grocery stores and local farmer’s markets. Not only is an apple a perfectly portable, flavorful snack you can eat anywhere, it’s loaded with health-boosting nutrients. Apples contain vitamin C and other antioxidants, including quercetin, which may help protect brain cells against Alzheimer’s disease. Apples are also good for your heart, loaded with soluble fibers and phenols which help reduce cholesterol levels. Apples also protect teeth from decay-causing bacteria. Read more tips for everyday healthy eating.