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As a hub for community wellness and a convenient resource for health-related information, North Shore-LIJ offers a variety of comprehensive health education programs. We are committed to improving the health of everyone in our neighborhoods by offering a range of programs and events to help everyone in our communities live their healthiest lives.

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Do you have a women's health question that you'd like to ask a clinical expert? Please submit your question here and responses to selected questions will be posted on our site under Expert Insight. Visit the site regularly to see the latest health tips and answers to questions from you and all of our visitors.

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Find a Clinical Trial

Find research studies related to Women's Health issues that are currently being conducted. You might even want to participate in a study to potentially find ways to provide better future care for yourself or others.

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    23rd Annual Luncheon and Fashion Show

    Join us on September 17, 2015 for the Katz Institute for Women’s Health Luncheon and Fashion Show presented by the Partner’s Council for Women’s Health. Fashion presentation by Brunello Cucinelli at Hirshleifers.

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    You can save the life of a woman today

    Support medical research, awareness, education and community programs to help women live longer heart-healthy lives.

    Take action today to create healthier lives
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    Nutrition Counseling Services

    The nutrition services offered by the Katz Institute of Women’s Health is part of an integrated approach to improving the health and wellness of women across their life span. We offer individualized (one-on-one) and group nutrition counseling services to support women in achieving optimal health and wellness.

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    Heart Healthy Living Program

    The Katz Institute for Women’s Health is now offering the Heart Healthy Living Program. Participate in this 8-week interactive program and gain the knowledge and support to live a heart-healthy lifestyle.

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Keys to Healthy Aging

Although many Hollywood actresses would like us all to believe that it’s possible to stay forever young, the reality is that the aging process is an inevitable part of life. With more than 13 percent of the U.S. population now over the age of 65, healthy aging is a goal that an increasing number of […]

5 Healthy Habits to Look and Feel Your Best at Any Age

Feeling confident about your looks is about much more than having a great hair day and a fresh manicure. Looking and feeling your best actually starts from within. And, with a few healthy lifestyle habits, you can bring out your unique natural beauty while also reaping the benefits of having more energy and vitality. While […]

3 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy

1: Know the Symptoms of a Heart Attack: Women often don’t get the classic heart attack symptoms that men experience, such as crushing chest pain that radiates down one arm. Many women experience vague or even silent symptoms. However, there are some common symptoms of a heart attack to watch out for including a tightening in the chest, pain in the back, neck or jaw, stomach pain, nausea and shortness of breath. Learn more about cardiovascular health.

2: Reap the Benefits of a Swimming Workout: The pool offers a lot more than just a place to cool off during these warm summer months. A regular swimming workout can improve blood pressure, cholesterol levels, cardiovascular performance and cognitive function. And, an hour-long swim burns around 500 calories while also being easy on your joints. Swimming is something you can do your entire life. Read more fitness tips.

3: Think beyond Meat for Summer Grilling: Grilling is an essential part of summer meals, but it doesn’t have to be just about meat. Loading up the grill with fruits and vegetables can be a healthy and colorful alternative. A few farmer’s market finds that will delight the palates of vegetarians and meat-eaters alike include peaches, watermelon, zucchini, Portobello mushrooms and even avocados! Learn more about healthy nutrition.